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org::jruby::Ruby Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The jruby runtime.

Definition at line 111 of file Ruby.java.

Public Member Functions

void addFinalizer (RubyObject.Finalizer finalizer)
CallbackFactory callbackFactory (Class type)
void callTraceFunction (ThreadContext context, String event, ISourcePosition position, RubyBinding binding, String name, IRubyObject type)
void checkSafeString (IRubyObject object)
IRubyObject compileAndRun (Node node)
RubyClass defineClass (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator)
RubyClass defineClassUnder (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator, SinglyLinkedList parentCRef)
void defineGlobalConstant (String name, IRubyObject value)
RubyModule defineModule (String name)
RubyModule defineModuleUnder (String name, SinglyLinkedList parentCRef)
void defineReadonlyVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void defineVariable (final GlobalVariable variable)
IRubyObject eval (Node node)
IRubyObject evalScript (String script)
RubyClass getArray ()
CacheMap getCacheMap ()
RubyClass getClass (String name)
RubyModule getClassFromPath (String path)
ThreadContext getCurrentContext ()
String getCurrentDirectory ()
IRubyObject getDebug ()
RubyModule getEnumerable ()
PrintStream getErr ()
PrintStream getErrorStream ()
RubyBoolean getFalse ()
RubyClass getFixnum ()
RubyFixnum[] getFixnumCache ()
long getGlobalState ()
GlobalVariables getGlobalVariables ()
RubyClass getHash ()
InputStream getIn ()
InputStream getInputStream ()
RubyInstanceConfig getInstanceConfig ()
Hashtable getIoHandlers ()
JavaSupport getJavaSupport ()
JRubyClassLoader getJRubyClassLoader ()
String getJRubyHome ()
KCode getKCode ()
RubyModule getKernel ()
LoadService getLoadService ()
RubyModule getModule (String name)
IRubyObject getNil ()
RubyClass getNilClass ()
RubyClass getObject ()
ObjectSpace getObjectSpace ()
RubyModule getOrCreateModule (String name)
PrintStream getOut ()
PrintStream getOutputStream ()
Profile getProfile ()
Random getRandom ()
long getRandomSeed ()
Map getRuntimeInformation ()
int getSafeLevel ()
MethodSelectorTable getSelectorTable ()
int getStackTraces ()
long getStartTime ()
RubyClass getString ()
RubySymbol.SymbolTable getSymbolTable ()
ThreadService getThreadService ()
IRubyObject getTmsStruct ()
IRubyObject getTopConstant (String name)
IRubyObject getTopSelf ()
RubyProc getTraceFunction ()
RubyBoolean getTrue ()
IRubyObject getVerbose ()
RubyWarnings getWarnings ()
void incGlobalState ()
long incrementRandomSeedSequence ()
boolean isClassDefined (String name)
boolean isDoNotReverseLookupEnabled ()
boolean isGlobalAbortOnExceptionEnabled ()
boolean isObjectSpaceEnabled ()
void loadFile (File file)
void loadNode (String scriptName, Node node)
void loadScript (String scriptName, Reader source)
void loadScript (RubyString scriptName, RubyString source)
RaiseException newArgumentError (int got, int expected)
RaiseException newArgumentError (String message)
RubyArray newArray (int size)
RubyArray newArray (List list)
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject[] objects)
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject car, IRubyObject cdr)
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject object)
RubyArray newArray ()
RubyArray newArrayLight ()
RubyArray newArrayNoCopy (IRubyObject[] objects)
RubyArray newArrayNoCopyLight (IRubyObject[] objects)
RubyBinding newBinding (Block block)
RubyBinding newBinding ()
RubyBoolean newBoolean (boolean value)
RaiseException newEOFError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEADDRINUSEError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEBADFError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEBADFError ()
RaiseException newErrnoECONNREFUSEDError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEDOMError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEEXISTError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEINVALError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEINVALError ()
RaiseException newErrnoENOENTError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoENOENTError ()
RaiseException newErrnoESPIPEError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoESPIPEError ()
RubyFixnum newFixnum (long value)
RubyFloat newFloat (double value)
RaiseException newFloatDomainError (String message)
RaiseException newFrozenError (String objectType)
RaiseException newIndexError (String message)
RaiseException newInvalidEncoding (String message)
RaiseException newIOError (String message)
RaiseException newIOErrorFromException (IOException ioe)
RaiseException newLoadError (String message)
RaiseException newLocalJumpError (String message)
RaiseException newNameError (String message, String name)
RaiseException newNoMethodError (String message, String name)
RaiseException newNotImplementedError (String message)
RubyNumeric newNumeric ()
RubyProc newProc (boolean isLambda, Block block)
RaiseException newRangeError (String message)
RaiseException newRegexpError (String message)
RubyFileStat newRubyFileStat (String file)
RaiseException newRuntimeError (String message)
RaiseException newSecurityError (String message)
RaiseException newStandardError (String message)
RubyString newString (ByteList byteList)
RubyString newString (String string)
RubyString newString ()
RubyString newStringShared (ByteList byteList)
RubySymbol newSymbol (String string)
RaiseException newSyntaxError (String message)
RaiseException newSystemCallError (String message)
RaiseException newSystemExit (int status)
RaiseException newSystemStackError (String message)
RaiseException newThreadError (String message)
RubyTime newTime (long milliseconds)
RaiseException newTypeError (IRubyObject receivedObject, RubyClass expectedType)
RaiseException newTypeError (String message)
RaiseException newZeroDivisionError ()
Node parse (String content, String file, DynamicScope scope)
Node parse (Reader content, String file, DynamicScope scope)
void printError (RubyException excp)
IRubyObject pushExitBlock (RubyProc proc)
boolean registerInspecting (Object obj)
void removeFinalizer (RubyObject.Finalizer finalizer)
void secure (int level)
void setCurrentDirectory (String dir)
void setDebug (IRubyObject debug)
void setDoNotReverseLookupEnabled (boolean b)
void setGlobalAbortOnExceptionEnabled (boolean enable)
void setGlobalVariables (GlobalVariables globalVariables)
void setJRubyHome (String home)
void setKCode (KCode kcode)
void setRandomSeed (long randomSeed)
void setSafeLevel (int safeLevel)
void setStackTraces (int stackTraces)
void setTraceFunction (RubyProc traceFunction)
void setVerbose (IRubyObject verbose)
void tearDown ()
void unregisterInspecting (Object obj)
IRubyObject ycompileAndRun (Node node)

Static Public Member Functions

static Ruby getDefaultInstance ()
static boolean isSecurityRestricted ()
static Ruby newInstance (InputStream in, PrintStream out, PrintStream err)
static Ruby newInstance (RubyInstanceConfig config)

Public Attributes

int moduleLastId = 0
int symbolLastId = 0

Package Functions

Object getRespondToMethod ()
void setRespondToMethod (Object rtm)

Private Member Functions

void createSysErr (int i, String name)
void init ()
void initCoreClasses ()
void initErrnoErrors ()
void initLibraries ()
RaiseException newRaiseException (RubyClass exceptionClass, String message)
void printErrorPos (PrintStream errorStream)
void registerBuiltin (String nm, Library lib)
 Ruby (RubyInstanceConfig config)
String verifyHome (String home)

Private Attributes

RubyClass arrayClass
Stack atExitBlocks = new Stack()
CacheMap cacheMap = new CacheMap(this)
RubyInstanceConfig config
String currentDirectory
IRubyObject debug
boolean doNotReverseLookupEnabled = false
RubyModule enumerableModule
PrintStream err
RubyModule errnoModule = null
RubyBoolean falseObject
Map finalizers
final RubyFixnum[] fixnumCache = new RubyFixnum[256]
RubyClass fixnumClass
boolean globalAbortOnExceptionEnabled = false
long globalState = 1
GlobalVariables globalVariables = new GlobalVariables(this)
RubyClass hashClass
InputStream in
ThreadLocal inspect = new ThreadLocal()
Hashtable ioHandlers = new Hashtable()
JavaSupport javaSupport
String jrubyHome
KCode kcode = KCode.NONE
RubyModule kernelModule
LoadService loadService
RubyClass nilClass
IRubyObject nilObject
RubyClass objectClass
ObjectSpace objectSpace = new ObjectSpace()
final boolean objectSpaceEnabled
PrintStream out
Parser parser = new Parser(this)
Profile profile
Random random = new Random()
long randomSeed = 0
long randomSeedSequence = 0
Object respondToMethod
Hashtable runtimeInformation
int safeLevel = 0
final MethodSelectorTable selectorTable = new MethodSelectorTable()
int stackTraces = 0
long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis()
RubyClass stringClass
final RubySymbol.SymbolTable symbolTable = new RubySymbol.SymbolTable()
RubyClass systemCallError = null
ThreadService threadService = new ThreadService(this)
IRubyObject tmsStruct
IRubyObject topSelf
RubyProc traceFunction
RubyBoolean trueObject
IRubyObject verbose
RubyWarnings warnings = new RubyWarnings(this)

Static Private Attributes

static String[] BUILTIN_LIBRARIES = {"fcntl", "yaml", "nkf", "yaml/syck" }
static JRubyClassLoader jrubyClassLoader

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