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org::jruby::RubyString Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jruby::RubyString:

org::jruby::RubyObject org::jruby::runtime::builtin::IRubyObject

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Definition at line 71 of file RubyString.java.

Public Member Functions

void addFinalizer (RubyProc finalizer)
IRubyObject anyToString ()
RubyString append (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject aref (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject aset (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyString asString ()
String asSymbol ()
void attachToObjectSpace ()
void callInit (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, Block block)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, RubyModule rubyclass, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType, Block block)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, RubyModule rubyclass, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType, Block block)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, RubyModule rubyclass, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject[] args, CallType callType, Block block)
IRubyObject callSuper (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject capitalize ()
IRubyObject capitalize_bang ()
IRubyObject casecmp (IRubyObject other)
RubyString cat (byte ch)
RubyString cat (ByteList str)
RubyString cat (byte[] str, int beg, int len)
RubyString cat (byte[] str)
IRubyObject center (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject checkArrayType ()
IRubyObject checkStringType ()
RubyString chomp (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject chomp_bang (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject chop ()
IRubyObject chop_bang ()
int cmp (RubyString other)
IRubyObject compilerCallMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, IRubyObject self, CallType callType, Block block)
IRubyObject compilerCallMethodWithIndex (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject[] args, IRubyObject self, CallType callType, Block block)
RubyString concat (IRubyObject other)
RubyArray convertToArray ()
RubyFloat convertToFloat ()
RubyHash convertToHash ()
RubyInteger convertToInteger ()
RubyString convertToString ()
IRubyObject convertToType (RubyClass targetType, int convertMethodIndex, String convertMethod, boolean raiseOnMissingMethod, boolean raiseOnWrongTypeResult, boolean allowNilThrough)
IRubyObject convertToType (RubyClass targetType, int convertMethodIndex, boolean raise)
IRubyObject convertToType (RubyClass targetType, int convertMethodIndex, String convertMethod, boolean raise)
IRubyObject convertToTypeWithCheck (RubyClass targetType, int convertMethodIndex, String convertMethod)
IRubyObject count (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyString crypt (IRubyObject other)
synchronized Object dataGetStruct ()
synchronized void dataWrapStruct (Object obj)
IRubyObject delete (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject delete_bang (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject display (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject doClone ()
RubyString downcase ()
IRubyObject downcase_bang ()
RubyString dump ()
IRubyObject dup ()
RubyString each_byte (Block block)
IRubyObject each_line (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyBoolean empty ()
final boolean eql (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject eql_p (IRubyObject other)
final boolean eqlInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject equal (IRubyObject other)
final IRubyObject equalInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject other)
boolean equals (Object other)
IRubyObject evalSimple (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject src, String file)
IRubyObject evalUnder (RubyModule under, IRubyObject src, IRubyObject file, IRubyObject line)
IRubyObject evalWithBinding (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject src, IRubyObject scope, String file)
IRubyObject extend (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject format (IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject freeze ()
RubyBoolean frozen ()
ByteList getByteList ()
byte[] getBytes ()
IRubyObject getInstanceVariable (String name)
Map getInstanceVariables ()
Map getInstanceVariablesSnapshot ()
Class getJavaClass ()
final RubyClass getMetaClass ()
int getNativeTypeIndex ()
Ruby getRuntime ()
RubyClass getSingletonClass ()
RubyClass getSingletonClassClone ()
RubyClass getType ()
String getUnicodeValue ()
CharSequence getValue ()
IRubyObject gsub (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject gsub_bang (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyFixnum hash ()
int hashCode ()
IRubyObject hex ()
synchronized RubyFixnum id ()
synchronized RubyFixnum id_deprecated ()
RubyBoolean include (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject index (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject infectBy (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject inherited (IRubyObject arg, Block block)
IRubyObject initialize (IRubyObject[] args, Block unusedBlock)
IRubyObject initialize_copy (IRubyObject original)
IRubyObject insert (IRubyObject indexArg, IRubyObject stringArg)
IRubyObject inspect ()
IRubyObject instance_eval (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyBoolean instance_of (IRubyObject type)
IRubyObject instance_variable_get (IRubyObject var)
IRubyObject instance_variable_set (IRubyObject var, IRubyObject value)
RubyArray instance_variables ()
Iterator instanceVariableNames ()
RubySymbol intern ()
final boolean isFalse ()
boolean isFrozen ()
boolean isImmediate ()
boolean isKindOf (RubyModule type)
boolean isNil ()
boolean isSingleton ()
boolean isTaint ()
final boolean isTrue ()
RubyBoolean kind_of (IRubyObject type)
RubyFixnum length ()
IRubyObject ljust (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject lstrip ()
IRubyObject lstrip_bang ()
RubyClass makeMetaClass (RubyClass superClass, SinglyLinkedList parentCRef)
final RubyString makeShared (int index, int len)
IRubyObject match (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject match2 ()
IRubyObject match3 (IRubyObject pattern)
IRubyObject method (IRubyObject symbol)
IRubyObject method_missing (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject methods (IRubyObject[] args)
final void modify ()
RubyString newString (ByteList s)
RubyString newString (CharSequence s)
IRubyObject nil_p ()
IRubyObject obj_equal (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject oct ()
IRubyObject op_cmp (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_ge (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_gt (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_le (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_lt (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_mul (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_plus (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject private_methods ()
IRubyObject protected_methods ()
IRubyObject public_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject rbClone ()
IRubyObject remove_instance_variable (IRubyObject name, Block block)
void removeFinalizers ()
IRubyObject removeInstanceVariable (String name)
IRubyObject replace (int beg, int len, RubyString replaceWith)
RubyString replace (IRubyObject other)
RubyBoolean respond_to (IRubyObject[] args)
boolean respondsTo (String name)
RubyString reverse ()
RubyString reverse_bang ()
IRubyObject rindex (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject rjust (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject rstrip ()
IRubyObject rstrip_bang ()
Map safeGetInstanceVariables ()
boolean safeHasInstanceVariables ()
IRubyObject scan (IRubyObject arg, Block block)
IRubyObject send (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
void setFrozen (boolean frozen)
IRubyObject setInstanceVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
IRubyObject setInstanceVariable (String name, IRubyObject value, String taintError, String freezeError)
void setInstanceVariables (Map instanceVariables)
void setMetaClass (RubyClass metaClass)
void setTaint (boolean taint)
void setUnicodeValue (String newValue)
void setValue (ByteList value)
void setValue (CharSequence value)
RubyArray singleton_methods (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject slice_bang (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject specificEval (RubyModule mod, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
RubyArray split (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject squeeze (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject squeeze_bang (IRubyObject[] args)
final RubyString strDup ()
IRubyObject strip ()
IRubyObject strip_bang ()
IRubyObject sub (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject sub_bang (IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject substr (int beg, int len)
IRubyObject succ ()
IRubyObject succ_bang ()
RubyInteger sum (IRubyObject[] args)
RubyString swapcase ()
IRubyObject swapcase_bang ()
IRubyObject taint ()
RubyBoolean tainted ()
IRubyObject to_f ()
IRubyObject to_i (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject to_s ()
RubySymbol to_sym ()
String toString ()
IRubyObject tr (IRubyObject search, IRubyObject replace)
IRubyObject tr_bang (IRubyObject search, IRubyObject replace)
IRubyObject tr_s (IRubyObject search, IRubyObject replace)
IRubyObject tr_s_bang (IRubyObject search, IRubyObject replace)
RubyClass type ()
RubyClass type_deprecated ()
RubyArray unpack (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject untaint ()
RubyString upcase ()
IRubyObject upcase_bang ()
IRubyObject upto (IRubyObject str, boolean excl, Block block)
IRubyObject upto (IRubyObject str, Block block)

Static Public Member Functions

static String byteListToString (ByteList bytes)
static String bytesToString (byte[] bytes)
static String bytesToString (byte[] bytes, int beg, int len)
static IRubyObject callMethodMissingIfNecessary (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject receiver, DynamicMethod method, String name, IRubyObject[] args, IRubyObject self, CallType callType, Block block)
static RubyClass createObjectClass (Ruby runtime, RubyClass objectClass)
static RubyClass createStringClass (Ruby runtime)
static void initCopy (IRubyObject clone, IRubyObject original)
static boolean isAlnum (int c)
static boolean isDigit (int c)
static boolean isLetter (int c)
static boolean isLower (int c)
static boolean isPrint (int c)
static boolean isUpper (int c)
static RubyString newInstance (IRubyObject recv, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
static RubyString newString (Ruby runtime, byte[] bytes, int start, int length)
static RubyString newString (Ruby runtime, ByteList bytes)
static RubyString newString (Ruby runtime, byte[] bytes)
static RubyString newString (Ruby runtime, RubyClass clazz, CharSequence str)
static RubyString newString (Ruby runtime, CharSequence str)
static RubyString newStringShared (Ruby runtime, ByteList bytes)
static RubyString newUnicodeString (Ruby runtime, String str)
static RubyString objAsString (IRubyObject obj)
static void puts (Object obj)
static byte[] stringToBytes (String string)
static RubyString stringValue (IRubyObject object)
static String trueFalseNil (String v)
static String trueFalseNil (IRubyObject v)
static RubyString unmarshalFrom (UnmarshalStream input) throws java.io.IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final byte AREF_SWITCHVALUE = 3
static final byte ASET_SWITCHVALUE = 4
static final byte EMPTY_P_SWITCHVALUE = 9
static final byte EQQ_SWITCHVALUE = 21
static final byte EQUALEQUAL_SWITCHVALUE = 6
static final byte HASH_SWITCHVALUE = 14
static final byte LENGTH_SWITCHVALUE = 19
static final byte MATCH_SWITCHVALUE = 20
static final IRubyObject NEVER = new RubyObject()
static final byte NIL_P_SWITCHVALUE = 5
static final IRubyObject[] NULL_ARRAY = new IRubyObject[0]
static ObjectAllocator OBJECT_ALLOCATOR
static final byte OP_GE_SWITCHVALUE = 7
static final byte OP_GT_SWITCHVALUE = 15
static final byte OP_LE_SWITCHVALUE = 17
static final byte OP_LSHIFT_SWITCHVALUE = 8
static final byte OP_LT_SWITCHVALUE = 2
static final byte OP_PLUS_SWITCHVALUE = 1
static final byte OP_SPACESHIP_SWITCHVALUE = 18
static final byte OP_TIMES_SWITCHVALUE = 16
static final byte TO_I_SWITCHVALUE = 11
static final byte TO_S_SWITCHVALUE = 10
static final byte TO_STR_SWITCHVALUE = 12
static final byte TO_SYM_SWITCHVALUE = 13

Protected Member Functions

void checkFrozen ()
void testFrozen (String message)

Protected Attributes

Map instanceVariables
boolean isTrue = true
RubyClass metaClass

Private Member Functions

ByteList getDelete (IRubyObject[] args)
ByteList getSqueeze (IRubyObject[] args)
IRubyObject gsub (IRubyObject[] args, boolean bang, Block block)
IRubyObject index (IRubyObject[] args, boolean reverse)
RubyString inspect (boolean dump)
boolean isEmpty ()
IRubyObject justify (IRubyObject[] args, boolean leftJustify)
final void modifyCheck ()
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, RubyClass rubyClass, ByteList value)
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, RubyClass rubyClass, byte[] value)
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, RubyClass rubyClass, CharSequence value)
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, ByteList value)
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, byte[] value)
 RubyString (Ruby runtime, CharSequence value)
ByteList setupTable (ByteList[] specs)
final RubyString strDup (RubyClass clazz)
IRubyObject sub (IRubyObject[] args, boolean bang, Block block)
void subpatSet (RubyRegexp regexp, int nth, IRubyObject repl)
ByteList tr (IRubyObject search, IRubyObject replace, boolean squeeze)
final void view (int index, int len)
final void view (byte[]bytes)
final void view (ByteList bytes)

Static Private Member Functions

static ByteList expandTemplate (ByteList spec, boolean invertOK)
static int getLimit (IRubyObject[] args)

Private Attributes

int shareLevel = 0
ByteList value

Static Private Attributes

static final String DEFAULT_RS = "\n"
static final int SHARE_LEVEL_BUFFER = 2
static final int SHARE_LEVEL_BYTELIST = 1
static final int SHARE_LEVEL_NONE = 0
static ByteList SPACE_BYTELIST = new ByteList(ByteList.plain(" "))
static ObjectAllocator STRING_ALLOCATOR


class  JavaCrypt

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